Trainer by day, Ninja Warrior by night




Ninja  Warrior, an American sports entertaining competition based on completing several obstacle courses (Sasuke – Japanese sports entertainment television), is now having a great success in Romania, being one of the most watched shows this season of the year.


This show is now organized in 21 countries and got the attention in many other. As the stages to win the game are very difficult, only 2 of the total participants have successfully completed the contest by now, fact that attracts more and more people into sports to get involved. This is the story of our colleague, Costel, personal trainer and TRX instructor, who got interested and inspired in the last 5 years since he found out about Ninja Warrior. As soon as he heard about the show being organized in Romania, he rolled up into the competition.

From approximately 2000 persons who rolled up, only 250 of them got the opportunity to become a Ninja Warrior, including Costel. He has started to prepare for the contest by training according to the  course and by losing weight, two important factors for a chance to complete the competition. This game’s results  can be achieved only thorough hard work and persistence.

Costel had an impressive progress during the stages of the game including the semifinal, where he stopped. He is very motivated to win the final stage next year as he could be the first European with the title of Ninja Warrior.


We all support him and wish him the best of luck!








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