Head massage in self-isolation

by Madalina Ghenea – massage therapist



I hope you are all healthy and in good vibe.

Seeing ourselves on this situation of self-isolation I decided to teach you some home friendly massage tips so you can approach the period in a positive manner. You can try this method in order to discover yourself more and to educate your body how to answer when facing stress.

I chose to speak to you about head massage as all the tension in the body gets in this point giving us headache, discomfort and muscular pressure.

For the start, before I explain what auto-massage is about, I advise you to trust yourselves, to let all your senses grow and become active, and the last one, but the most important, believe that you can have magical hands.

Find a place in your house where you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. It can be the balcony with fresh air and surrounded by flowers, your bedroom if you want more privacy, your living room if you need more space, etc.

Stand or sit on a chair, the most important thing is to have your back straight. Close your eyes and rotate your head very slowly. Repeat this 10 times on each side and after flex your head to the back as much as you can in order to stretch your neck. At the end bring your chin to the front, close to your chest, to relax the muscles.

The next steps are part of the reflexology therapy for headache relief. The most common trigger points for head pain relief are located at the base of the skull – the edge of the caring cavity marking the top of the spine. Apply light pressure with the navel of the fingers in the cavity and around it. Usually this is the part of the body where the tension is accumulated most often, but it can be released with patience and practice.

Next step is to put your elbows on a table/desk so you can sustain your head with your arms. If you feel the need to use oil or cream, feel free to do it. Use your finger pads to put pressure on your forehead starting from the middle, the root of the eyebrows, and go slowly to the exterior. Continue to do this until you reach the base of the hair and cover the entire forehead with these movements repeatedly.

Now put your hands on your temples and press lightly inwards with the palm of the hand and make rotational movement. Make these rotations six times clockwise and six times counterclockwise.

Put your thumbs behind the ears, on the bony edge and let the other fingers rest above the ears. This is recommended to do using firm pressure and then relaxing. Continue to press on the edge of the skull until you reach the middle and repeat 2-3 times. It is very likely to identify pain or discomfort, but it’s normal. Inhale strongly and on expiration press firmly and hold for 5 seconds. Then put all your fingers firm on the skull and spread in your hair like you are shampooing applying a pressure that you consider appropriate. After doing this for 1 minute slide on the neck muscles on both sides. Repeat this ten times.

Support your left elbow in your right hand, place your left hand on the back as if you were congratulating yourself for a well done job and  feel the tension accumulated in this area disappear by grabbing the muscle repeatedly. Do this in the right side, as well.


Well done!

Stay home and healthy!

Madalina Ghenea


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