Rodica Stan


Rodica, graduate of Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and specialized in physical therapy and special motility, is a therapist willing to listen very carrefully to her patients in order to deliver the best service and advise them depending on each case. She is very keen to help people with their issues, therefore Rodica believes that massage offers her the possibility to support each person not only physically, but also spiritually by transmitting good energy through massage sessions. Strong, positive, dynamic and natural, is the person you need to get a good massage of reflexotherapy, kinetotherapy, or medical recovery, therapies that can improve your health condition, she says.



Luminita graduated the Queen Elisabeta School becoming medical assistant in balneo-physiokinetotherapy and medical recovery. She has an experience of 9 years in medical recovery and office massage. Luminita chooses to do what she likes only, both professionally and in her spare time. She likes to get involved in the recovery of people and, thanks to these people, she grows day by day. She has learned that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and a healthy body needs a healthy mind. These principles, even if they are written, essentially determine our whole life. She considers herself a lucky person by having the opportunity to combine useful with pleasure and to find in any problem a new challenge. She is sociable, ambitious, she loves music, dancing, reading, sports and travel