Beatrice Constantin

Beatrice Constantin

Beatrice Constantin is the person that always makes everyone’s smile show up, getting all the best from people she interracts with. The most positive aerobic trainer and a “little ballerina”, Beatrice graduated The Ecological University of Bucharest – Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, being specialised in gymnastic. In her words, Batrice is a ‘dynamic and sociable person, passionate about working with other people and motivating them’.

Costel Rotaru

Conform to Costel Rotaru, fitness and skandenberg trainer, ‘Limitations are set by the mind, not the body’. A strong personality with a big avocation for sport, he is the winner of Ninja Warrior Romania and is also certified with Schwinn Cycling Bronze Level. If you are looking for motivation, he is the right person to meet.

Valentin Poleanu

Valentin is an Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher 500 hours. He has studied Hatha, Iynegar and Ashtanga in India Rishikesh.
Valentin is a gentle, energetic person with a sense of humor, who likes what he does and says:

“I wanted to make Yoga a lifestyle, to feel this state of mind-soul-body balance as much as possible. When I teach, I do not feel like I’m working, but I can help move towards a healthier life for practitioners. “

“When I started practicing yoga (asane), my posture was incorrect, my breathing almost did not exist, I was anxious or sometimes depressed. After my first week of intensive practice, the posture improved, we were breathing on two nations what what until then was an SF idea, the mind was quiet, I had work and energy in the whole body that I had never used before. With time, more and more changes have taken place in the good, the to diet, to sleep, to patterns of thought, to control of reactions, everything in my life has taken a positive, beneficial turn. This was the moment when I decided to go to India to study this practice in depth. (the head, neck and trunk in one straight line), correct breathing (abdominal – thoracic) and under control, there is love, comp assurance and understanding in the world. “

Valentin teaches Hatha Yoga, influenced by Ashtanga and Iyengar, which means that he pays much attention to breathing, correct posture in sitting, but also in asanas, being attracted by the flow dynamics of Ashtanga.
Live Love Laugh
• Hatha with Yiengar and Ashtanga influences
• exercises pranayama: kapalabahti, nadi shodan
• mantra chanting
• OM chanting
• Meditation to clean the aura, the chakras and the physical body
• Relaxation meditations


Sebastian Burtan

Sebastian Burtan is one of the oldest employees in our company, working and being 100% involved in all the activities, events and changes that took place at Armony Gym during the last years since 1996. He is the person always giving more than it’s necessary at work. As a trainer, Sebastian is very technical in all the exercises that he recommends, therefore is the right person to ask when you have doubts about what kind of training fits best for you. He is a graduate of the Romanian Athletics Federation/Romanian National Sporting Authority having experience in fitness and bodybuilding training. A well-known quality that represents him is the patience. If you want to know Sebastian better, meet him at the gym, during the daytime.
Tiberiu Florescu

Tiberiu Florescu

Tiberiu Florescu, graduate of Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, is president and the main trainer of C.S. Combatant, sports club of MMA Palmares. As a trainer, he owns multiple european and world awards at World Semipro MMA Championship, full contact World and European Championship, World and European MMA Championship, Kickbox and K1 Championships. The main, most important titles he has are Double-vicechampion at European Kyokushin and Multiple National Champion at Kickbox and Kyokushin with a total of 112 official matches. According to Tiberiu, ‘Kickbox is a fight and workout training executed in a agreeable and relaxed approach, adapted to both men and women’.
Andrei PEristeri

Andrei Peristeri

Andrei Peristeri, passionate about sport and motivated to continue in this area by his father, Razvan Peristeri, Aikido maestro at Romanian Federation of Modern Aikido and Aikitenshin Dojo Club, started to practice this martial art at age of 4 years old. After 10 years, he won the Black Belt 1 Dan and started his career  as a trainer being a coach for his first Aikido Class. Graduate of the University of Psychology and specialist in Short Strategic Therapy, he is now Aikido instructor at Romanian Federation of Modern Aikido for both children and adults.