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 Program Armony/Opening times – COVID19



Ca urmare a situatiei cu virusului COVID19 in Bucuresti, din motive de precautie, pana pe data 20 Aprilie salile de fitness si relaxare vor fi inchise, iar serviciile Armony vor fi indisponibile: sedintele la masaj si EVENIMENTELE din sala de relaxare se anuleaza.

Recomandarea OMS este de a ramane in casa calmi, si de a ne intari sistemul imunitar prin alimentatie sanatoasa, in special fructe si legume.


In functie de evolutia situatiei in Bucuresti revenim cu detalii privind programul salii de fitness.




Due to the actual situation of COVID-19 in Bucharest, as a prevention, starting tomorrow until 20th April the fitness and the relaxation rooms will be closed and the services will not be available. The massage appointments and all the EVENTS planned in the relaxation room are canceled.

WHO recommendation is that you should stay at home and keep calm meanwhile you should boost you immune system with healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables.


According to the evolution of the COVID19 in Bucharest we will keep in touch regarding our schedule.






Winter holiday!

Between December 23rd – January 3rd, Armony Gym celebrates Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
All the services are closed.



Workshop umanitar Cadou Mozaic de Craciun




Cu ocazia Craciunului, Armony Gym impreuna cu Second Chance organizeaza un workshop umanitar de lucru manual in mozaic pentru cei care vor sa ofere un cadou personalizat si unic persoanelor dragi, de Sarbatori.

La indrumarea specialistilor veti putea crea un obiect cu tematica de Craciun (rama, cutii decorative, tablouri, etc), care ulterior va fi finisat la atelier de catre echipa Second Chance pentru a fi daruit in cea mai buna forma.


4 Decembrie ora 12.00  in sala de relaxare

  • Modulul 1: 60/90 minute cost 100 lei (Cursul presunupe conceperea unor produse de marime medie, cum ar fi: Rama foto, Platou 20/20, Sticle 0.5 l, Ghivece dimensiune medie)
  • Modulul 2: 120 minute cost 120 lei (Cursul presupune conceperea unor produse de marime mare, cum ar fi: Cutii de cadou, Platou 25/30, Vaze de dimensiune 25/30, Cutii servetele, Sticle 1 l)

Incasarile in urma workshop-ului vor fi folosite in scopuri caritabile.


In cadrul cursului se asigura asistenta specializata, toate materialele necesare (obiectele, sticla, chit, lipici), finisarea produsului, livrarea in Bucuresti a produsului finit in 10 zile.

Inscrierea se face prin e-mail la adresa: daiana.vochin@armonygym.ro .

Workshop-ul se poate desfasura cu minim 10 persoane inscrise.






Tuesday, Nov 12th, the Yoga Class is canceled.

Thank you,


Give a smile for Christmas


Starting with November 4, just like every year before Christmas, Armony Gym is running a fundraising/donation campaign for people in difficult financial situation/with disabilities and, especially, for children of all ages – Give a smile for Christmas.

Products, toys and clothes (new or in good condition) can be brought to the Armony reception.

Here are the campaign’ s partner NGOs and the projects that will benefit from our donations:

Second Chance-Building Better Futures is a humanitarian organization founded in 2002 in order to help the inhabitants of Berceni village (50 km from Bucharest). On December 10, a Christmas dinner will be organized, with gifts, for families with a precarious financial situation.

You can donate:

  • Hygiene products: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, etc.
  • Donations in money for: Christmas gifts for the children, the preparation of a traditional warm meal for all families, transportation
  • Toys, educational materials, renovation products, lab equipment, miscellaneous equipment, school furniture, educational and recreational items, etc.

A future project aims to equip the laboratory at the Berceni secondary school with computers, where it would benefit about 400 children.


RON: RO28DAFB102500276695RO03

EURO: RO39DAFB102500276695EU01

Sinvi is a humanitarian organization founded in 2005 that aims to improve children’s access to education. The projects of the organization include:

  • The Busteni Sanatorium (for children with locomotor disabilities or non-communicable lung diseases)
  • A cabinet for ergotherapy, where children with locomotor disabilities are treated; music toys and modeling paste can be donated
  • The sanatorium school: you can donate sets of colored markers/sharpie, blue pens, pencils with an eraser at the end, a flipchart holder and a projection screen
  • The Salciua village: you can donate school supplies, toys, books, clothes.

Fundatia Sinergii pentru Viitor

RON: RO64 UGBI 0000 8320 0142

Opened at GarantiBank




Monday, Nov 11th, the Aikido Class is canceled.
Thank you,







Starting next Monday, January 14th, we  invite you participate every Tuesday, Thrusday and Friday to our new boxing class, Bag Boxing.

This class is design and introduced for people who want to try boxing in a fun way, not very technical and without sparring.


What is it?

Bag Boxing is a cardio oriented class where the main element consists in hitting the heavy bag. It is not a contact fight class, there are no partner drills or sparring sessions. The benefits of achieving a high cardio working regime are well known, better body shape, weight loss via – very importantly – fat burning, increased effort resistance etc.

What are the techniques used?

The techniques used are punching, kicking, elbow strikes and knee strikes. These are executed separately or mixed in striking combos. Most of the drills consist of two minutes working sessions followed by resting for one minute. For correct learning and easier progress, the drills are also executed in the air (shadow boxing) and/or in the mirror.


For achieving a better body shape and cardio level the class contains also various other rather classic exercises, like pushups, burpees, squats, jumps, lounges etc. They can be practiced separately or mixed with striking techniques on the heavy bag.

How long?

The structure of a session totaling 1,5 hour is the following:

  1. Thorough warm up: ~20 minutes
  2. Bag boxing: ~60 minutes
  3. Cooling down: ~10 minutes


The bag boxing class will take place in Yoga Room each:

Tuesday and Thursday, from 08:30 to 10:00

 Tuesday and Friday, from 18:00 to 19:30


What equipment do I need?

Equipment used:

  1. Boxing wraps (4 meters long ones) or boxing inner gloves, to be used under the boxing gloves
  2. Boxing gloves (while having your own pair is recommended, the gym can provide a pair for you)
  3. T-shirt and short or long elastic trousers
  4. Clean shoes with thin, soft and smooth soles


Thank you,

Armony Gym